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Need an Air Pump with Pleco?

Topic: I have a fish aquarium with a bunch of smaller fish and a catfish. Does my Pleco need an air pump or air supply? Should I have a “bubbler” or aerator thing setup? I want my fish tank to do good. My fish died in the past and I want to do it right this time.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Megan K: Your aquarium doesn’t necessarily need an air pump (aka bubbler) but it can really add a lot of benefits. What I advise people to do is to buy an air pump and use a sponge filter at the end of the air line. They are SUPER effective and add a lot of filtration to your water. So with the air pump your adding oxygen to the water from the air bubbles floating to the surface and your also adding another filter with the sponge filter connected to it. Sponge filters use the air power that runs through it to filter water through the sponge pad. Here is what they look like

Active Aqua Air Pump, 2 Outlets, 3W, 7.8 L/min
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Price: $15.66
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  • I always put an air pump in my aquarium setups to be safe. It helps add oxygen to the tank and if the filter fails and breaks down.. the air really helps save the fish (until I notice the filter has stopped working at least).
  • I need some info about air pumps. My daughter has a tank thar I think is a 30 gal. I was wanting to get her an air pump since she doesn’t have one. What size does she need? Also she’s going to need a heater in the next couple months. Whats a good cheap heater for a 30 gal?
  • Usually on the package it will indicate the size of tanks that the air pumps are made for. As for which brand I can’t help you there I bought one that I used for about a week and then it went into storage. Just make sure that if you buy the air tubing separate that it is the right size. Some have tiny holes that won’t be big enough to place over the air pumps air release hole thingy. They weren’t compatible for me and I had to go back and buy the right size . Have an employee double check for you that all the parts are compatible to save you another trip.
  • What size air pump would I need to run a sponge filter like this?…how do I determine what size air pump to run these types of filters?I have a 40g breeder that is lightly planted and only 15 small fish. But I do plant to have a lot more plants and a handful more fish. I have a fluval 306 and 2 HOB filters. But I am wanting to take off my 2 HOB and add a sponge filter.
  • A few questions:Whats the best way to clean build up off filters and aquarium light?What is your favorite air stones and air pump brand?…I’m wanting to produce a lot of small bubbles

    When setting up a sponge filter for a 40g breeder tank, how do I determine what size air pump to run the sponge filter?

  • Newbie question: I just installed a bubbler and did not foresee tank water forced from the bubbler up the air tube before operation. It’s operating fine after I started air flow, but now I’m worried about it happening if there should be a power outage while I’m not home. And would it flow back into the pump and out the vents, ruining the pump and spilling tank water all over the place? Or will it be fine now that the air stone is saturated with water? I plan to clamp the tube if I need to, but really didn’t expect this to be an issue. Thoughts, advice?
  • OK little help needed…..in your experience, what are the quietest air pumpson the market?
  • I’ve only had one and, due to living in a studio, I was worried about noise. Let me say the tetra Whisper lives up to it’s name.
  • Whisper. I have a couple of Whisper 100 pumps in the same room about 8 feet apart and you would never notice that they are running even if you stood between them.
  • If you oversize the pump for the tank it is loud. I used a 100 gallon pump on a 45 gallon tank and it was loud. Then I used the same pump on a 75 gallon and it is quiter.
  • Sounds crazy, but the $10 top fin small pump is so very quiet. I usw it for my 55, and it works great. Just set it on a rag for extra quietness.