Pleco Fish Full Size?

Topic: How large can common plecos grow to? I have one that is 5 inches long right now and wondering how big they grow to. What size tank should these fish be in? I was told they can grow pretty large so how big of a tank is being realistic?   *Awarded Answer Posted by … [Read more…]

Pleco Lifespan or Life Expectancy?

Topic: I have a pleco fish and he is around 5 years old. I’m afraid he is starting to loose energy and might die of old maybe..? How long do these pleco catfish live for? Is there anything I can do to make him have a better life to live longer? Thanks for help.   … [Read more…]

Pleco Aquarium Size?

Topic: What is the minimum tank size I can have a common pleco in? Mine is around 4 inches long and I want to upgrade my tank. What size would be good for a plecostomus catfish? I plan on keeping other fish in the aquarium as well. Thank for your help. *Awarded Answer: Posted by … [Read more…]

Plecos that Stay Small? For Smaller Tanks

Topic: I love pleco catfish but most of them grow too large. What types of plecos stay small? I like to have smaller aquariums like 30 gallons or less. I can’t keep the large plecos because of tank size so I want to keep small species of plecos. What are the most common species that … [Read more…]

Pleco Species & Identification

 9 Most Common Pleco Species Common Pleco Royal Pleco Zebra Pleco Bristlenose Pleco Vampire Pleco Blue Eyed Pleco Candy Striped Pleco Snowball Pleco Sunshine Pleco Plecos are categorized by an “L series” listing. For example, the L001 species is the Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus. There are 256 known pleco species right now, so we have L001 – L256 … [Read more…]

Will Plecos Eat Snails?

Vong X: No Emily A: Sweet! Someone told me that if the pleco was big enough it would suck snails out of their shells. Vong X: Lol!!!!! Emily A: That’s kinda what I thought. I’m new to plecos though Vong X: Sorry about laughing… I’ve not heard of plecos eating snails but if that person tells you the name. I’d … [Read more…]

L155 Adonis Pleco Species

Ka Ying Yang Gotta: love the way that L155 looks! Sunni Collins: Thank you! Ka Ying Yang: Can’t believe how long that tail is. Sunni Collins: I know! I keep wondering if it’s gonna stop growing… Tail is longer than the fish itself, lol luckily I don’t have cichlids or any fin nipping fish Ka Ying Yang: Oh yes, that … [Read more…]