Pleco Fish Full Size?

Topic: How large can common plecos grow to? I have one that is 5 inches long right now and wondering how big they grow to. What size tank should these fish be in? I was told they can grow pretty large so how big of a tank is being realistic?   *Awarded Answer Posted by … [Read more…]

Pleco Lifespan or Life Expectancy?

Topic: I have a pleco fish and he is around 5 years old. I’m afraid he is starting to loose energy and might die of old maybe..? How long do these pleco catfish live for? Is there anything I can do to make him have a better life to live longer? Thanks for help.   … [Read more…]

Pleco Aquarium Size?

Topic: What is the minimum tank size I can have a common pleco in? Mine is around 4 inches long and I want to upgrade my tank. What size would be good for a plecostomus catfish? I plan on keeping other fish in the aquarium as well. Thank for your help. *Awarded Answer: Posted by … [Read more…]