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L155 Adonis Pleco Species

L200 pleco

Ka Ying Yang Gotta: love the way that L155 looks!

Sunni Collins: Thank you!

Ka Ying Yang: Can’t believe how long that tail is.

Sunni Collins: I know! I keep wondering if it’s gonna stop growing… Tail is longer than the fish itself, lol luckily I don’t have cichlids or any fin nipping fish

Ka Ying Yang: Oh yes, that tail can be enticing for some to nip on! Do you have any other pleco species, Sunni?

Sunni Collins: 2 large commons 10.5″ & 8″, a 6″ sailfin, the adonis, L200, butterfly, sunshine, bn, and clown pleco…also a whiptail catfish, he’s cool hbout yourself Ka Ying Yang?

Ka Ying Yang: Those commons must produce a LOT of waste, huh? I remember my commons were so bad I had to give them away. My filtration couldn’t hold up. I’m currently raising: common bushynose plecos, 14, 18, 66, 91, 128, 134, 183, 190, 200, 201, 239 and 240. I’m sure I forgot one or maybe a few others! Haha.

Sunni Collins: Nice! That’s a lot!! This tank that I have, it has a 30 gallon sump, and it has grates on the bottom of the tank that suck up a lot of the waste pretty fast… Eventually I might have to get one of those 240 gallon bins for the garage, lol

Ka Ying Yang: Yes, keep upgrading. Luckily there’s always someone local who’s desperate to sell all his/her tanks and supplies!

Sunni Collins: Very true! I’m always looking for deals, just in case I stumble on something, haha

I need help. Please no negativity please.
I have a planted 75g coldwater community tank; and recently I have had a bunch of fish die. I have no idea why!

Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: currently 0 (water change yesterday, tank is planted which absorbs nitrates, the nitrates rise very slowly because of this. I have done two test kits with two different tanks so to confirm the test kits actually work which they do. So I don’t think nitrate is the issue)
PH: 7.8
Temp: 21c
Lots of air bubbles: bubble wall and 2 air stones
Running an AC 110 filter

4 baby shubunkins
2 baby koi (used to be 3, one has died 🙁 )
1 baby fantail
1 dwarf pleco
1 weather loach
A school of danios. (Down to 3 from 20)
Previously 3 whiteclouds (they have died).

I realize this is an odd, perhaps inadvisable mixture but I monitor my fish carefully for stress or aggression and have a backup tank if necessary. Nobody is aggressive to each other.
I also know my tank is quite overstocked. But my nitrate levels are exceptionally good and they still have lots of swimming room. When they get too big I will put them in a pond. I use good brand foods too. Omega One brands.

All fish were quarantined and treated with prazi before being put in the community tank.

The story:

I fishless cycled my tank for 2 months. Once cycle was complete I added my shubunkins. Everything was great! Fish swimming around happily. Decided to purchase the fantail and dwarf pleco. Everything good still. Happy fishies. I buy some live plants: jungle val. Washed plants well before putting in. Still good. Parameters good. Everything is well. Get more plants: hygro Thai and ludwigia repens. Rinsed these plants as well. Add the 3 baby koi, weather loach and school of danios after quarantining. Koi show signs of stress but I assumed it was just a new tank causing it. They were acclimated by floating in the tank in bag beforehand And slowly adding water. Other fish are swimming around fine. 3 days goes by. Koi have refused food since arriving. One koi has died, as well as the 3 whiteclouds. Shubunkins and other koi are showing stress by either bottom sitting or just sitting at the surface with nose at the water line. Nitrates are still good but I perform water change anyways just in case. Treat tank with prime as always when adding new water. Getting worried.
Another 3 days and 90% of the Danios are dead. Now the shubunkins won’t eat. I am on red alert now. Something is really wrong!!
My routine is 50% water change once a week. I don’t clean or change filter media. I do vacuum the sand substrate I have. Feed in morning pellets, and evening daphnia along with food for loach and pleco after lights off. Lights are on 6 hours a day for plants. Lightly fertilizing with Excel. Nitrates are still low even with all the fish. Water is crystal clear. Fish were happy up until the newest additions despite parameters being good.

What is going on???? I am truly stumped.
I have tested everything I can possibly test for.

Will Plecos Eat my Pet Snails? Question?

Vong X: No

Emily A: Sweet! Someone told me that if the pleco was big enough it would suck snails out of their shells.

Vong X: Lol!!!!!

Emily A: That’s kinda what I thought. I’m new to plecos though

Vong X: Sorry about laughing… I’ve not heard of plecos eating snails but if that person tells you the name. I’d like to buy a few since my tanks are infested with them.

Emily A: She said any big pleco would do it. I know ciclids can clear up a snail problem in a hurry but didn’t think a pleco would.

Emily A: I have big snails that I don’t want eaten though

Chris G: Clown loach are best for eating snails

Matt M: Just a personal experience for me, but my colony of L14’s actually cleaned all the snails out of their tank. Don’t know why, but I was always sucking a ton of empty shells out of there. Till they were non existent.

Matt T: My albino bristle nose ate my apple snails!

Dean R: Common places are known to turn omnivorous if they run out of there food.

Christopher W: So here Emily is getting laughed at for a good question, and it turns out the person laughing IS WRONG. My mom always taught me to keep my mouth shut if I didn’t have anything nice to say like “laughing out loud aka LOL!!!” The know it all is wrong I guess in this instance. Quite funny how it all works out in the end.

I think the key here to keep the plecos from getting hungry enough to want to eat the snails. I have seen plecos do some wicked stuff to fish when they aren’t getting enough food. These catifsh eat a lot more food then what we would ever think too. I’m afraid to keep my plecos belly full because he almost a foot long and I feat how large he might actually get and what tank I will have to upgrade to.. I already have him in a 55 gallon and it seems to be getting too large very fast.

Mario: Depeding on what l number you have there are 3 different types so trying to breed these you need to make sure that you have the correct species and also im pretty sure noones bred them in captivity yet good luck.


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Topic: Looking for a Long fin blue eyed yellow pleco. I think they’re commonly called Lemondrops? Anybody have one for sale and willing to ship?

Jessica G: They’re called Leucistic bristlenose plecos, I found out finally. (Makes complete sense) Found someone who has a few left, so will hopefully be getting one come the end of march.

Jeff C: if you don’t mind me asking do you know if they have any left n price n location

Christopher W: Can’t say I have ever heard of those.. but it would be cool to see a picture and actually visualize what this fish is none of us have ever seen. I really like learning about new species of catfish I have no idea that exist.

“Common Pleco” Species – Catfish Species Guide

The usual bottom feeder catfish that most pet stores carry is referred to as the common Pleco. It’s somewhat of a vague term to use just because it usually references to numerous species of plecos. The most common types are the Sailfin Pleco, Bristlenose Pleco, Amazon Sailfin Pleco, and the general Suckermouth Pleco.

fish common pleco

They are all so closely related that it doesn’t really even matter what species you get because taking care of each will be the same. Let’s jump into the facts regarding how to care for these awesome catfish.

Aquarium Tank Size

Almost all beginners have no idea that these catfish can commonly grow up to 15 inches long and up. Somewhat of a scary topic… but it’s the brutal truth. These cute little catfish are sold at around 3 inches long and commonly placed into 20 gallon aquariums. A fish that grows up to a food long will need a tank size of 100 gallons (rough estimate). The rule of thumb for aquarium fish is 1 inch of fish needs 10 gallons of water.

Granted, it takes the fish years to grow that long but just a heads up on possible tank upgrades you might need. Some aquarium owners just sell the fish when they outgrow their tanks. Pet stores can sell larger fish for a higher price so they will sometimes buy the fish right from you. I’m not trying to scare you but instead just properly educate. This video is a great guide if you enjoy learning from videos more than articles.

Growth Size, Full Size?

Like I already mentioned, Plecostomus catfish can grow up to 2 feet long. That’s 24 inches folks! Crazy large. These catfish will grow large in small habitats too. The size of their habitat does not stunt their growth.

Feeding Plecos

pleco bristlenoseThese fish eat both sides of the food chain. They are omnivores and mostly love algae but will also take advantage of a meal indulged in meaty food. You will commonly see them eating dead fish on the bottom of your tank. Great scavengers at that!

Feed them algae tablets right before your aquarium lights go off. This helps to rid other fish of stealing these algae tablets and eating them. Because remember the the tablets need to fall all the way to the bottom in order for the bottom feeder catfish to eat them. Other fish love to steal them when possible.

Lifespan and How Old?

Did you know these fish are almost prehistoric? Ok.. I made that up but don’t they sort of seem like it? These fish live up to 20-30 years long! I mean.. WOW! That just adds to the value of why I am in love with these awesome creatures.

Habitat Setup for Aquarium

It is said that Plecos need wood in their habitat to live healthy lifestyle. I have owned dozens of tanks without any type of wood successfully with Plecos. Just to be safe though, you can add some wood to their habitat. The most important aspect for their habitat is hiding places. Make sure that when you common Plecostomus goes to run and hide.. that it has plenty of places to go to. I use black pipes and other decor that the bottom feeders love hiding in.

Live Plants Taste Good!

Does it seem odd that a strong algae eater would eat your live plants…? Nope. So word to the wise, these fish love to eat live plants. Sturdy and very strong plants may survive but your just tempting fate trying to grow tasty plants around a plant eater.

Gravel Versus No Gravel

Bare bottom tanks work with Pleco catfish just fine but I have found that they appreciate a tank with a substrate much more. Because they use their sucker to slowly move around and search for food in crevices, gravel just makes for a better setup. You can ideally use any substrate with these fish though.

Water Temperature

Most fish aquariums are “tropical setups” in the water temperatures of 72-84 F range. Plecos will do just fine I’m that and even lower temps. Even down in the mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A pretty adaptable fish when it comes to water temps really. Maybe that’s why they are multiplying in huge numbers down south haha!

Have Any Questions or Comments?

Posted by Kelly Niuy:
Can a person keep Plecos together in the same tank? Or what catfish tank mates can live beside them?

Reply from Admin Chris:
It is said that it’s fine to keep juvenile Plecos together in the same tank but having larger ones together is not a good idea because their aggression levels are higher. Even though these fish seem to themselves.. when you add another of the same species you will quickly learn their real aggression levels. Hope that helps.

Posted by Sarah N:
My daughter has a 10 gallon aquarium and we have a Plecostomus and some other fish. Is this a terrible idea and what happens when the tank is too small for fish?

Reply from Admin Chris:
To be completely honest.. ten gallon aquariums are not good for pet fish this size. There only a handful of species that do well in that small of a tank. Catfish are not one of them. This happens all the time and we get this question a lot. All I can say is I urge you to get your child a bigger tank and maybe indulge in the awesome hobby of fish keeping. A 30 gallon tank would be a great start.

My L134 Leopard Frog Pleco Info

Topic: Here is my L134 Leopard Frog Pleco. He is my personal favorite. (Image posted below)

Nate Yang: Beautiful! How big do they get?

Ka Ying Yang: From what I’ve seen and read, 4.5 inches should be the max! Perfect size if you ask me!

Jeff Curtis Jr: I’ve got a buddy that has a wild proven breeding group of them n currently I’m growing out 6 juvies

Ka Ying Yang: Jeff, how many does he have in his breeding group? And what’s the male to female ratio? J/w cause I’m always collecting information about these guys.

L134 Pleco

Jeff Curtis Jr: Think it’s two pairs they are around 5 years old or so

Matt Mitchell: Yep and just like rabbits. funny thing is guy I got them from had them for 5 years with no luck. They eat food like crazy too.

Ka Ying Yang: I’ve heard plenty of stories from people with varying luck. Some like you said are like rabbits, others just never get going!

Matt Mitchell: me too. Like the guy who I got them from. 5 years is a long time to wait for a spawn. I had them for 6 months, and fry. Funny how plecos can be so odd.

Ka Ying Yang: You’re obviously doing something right! Hope you come across several more batches!

Matt Mitchell: The alpha male is sitting on eggs about every 3 weeks now.

Matt Mitchell: take the fry and a week later more eggs. I would estimate around 100-120 fry growing out. And they appear to be extremely resilient. No fry deaths that I have seen yet.

Ka Ying Yang: Seriously? Wow!

Ka Ying Yang: Here goes another one guarding his cave closely.

leapord frog pleco

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Alee Yang Posted:
Greenwater Aquarist Society’s fourth Annual Swap will be held March 23th 2014. The swap will run from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm, doors will open at 8:00 am for vendor set up. Buyers will be allowed in at 10:00 am.

Entry fee is $3.00 for an individual or $5.00 for a family. The swap will be held at Alsip Park District’s Apollo Park facility, 12521 Kostner Ave, Alsip Il, 60803

Puag Yoj Mas: Is there a list of stuff that will be available? ??

Ianx Xiong: thats the same day as milwaukee fish auction bro

Alee Yang: thats fine..Ill miss an auction for a swap anyday

Ianx Xiong: lol yup

Petey Bland: Where is the Milwaukee fish auction going 2 be at?

Ianx Xiong: New Berlin

Petey Bland: Ok thanks

Image of a Rhino Pleco?

Topic: I’ve been searching all over for an image of a Rhino Pleco and can’t find one. I’m really dying to see how bad these things look like. Pleco cats are scary enough the way it is and there happens to be a species called the “Rhino” haha. I am so excited about this and someone really needs to help me out here. Know of any friends that may have one in their tank? I know this is rare but I know they have to be out there. Thanks for the help! Appreciate it.

Posted by Andrew G.
here is the image you have been searching for. I have a friend that knows a friend and I saw this in his tank and he gets lots of exotic fish that most of us would never get to touch but he gets them. This picture was hosted on weeks ago and remembered it was there.
rhino pleco

Reply from Author:
Oh my Gosh that thing is so awesome! I must say that I was expecting more of a scarier version of a pleco but that is pretty scary. Thanks for the share on my topic and glad you answered my question. My obsession is no onto something else.. maybe the scariest catfish I can get my hands on… maybe you have some ideas for me.