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Different Plecos in the Same Tank?

Question: Can you keep different pleco species in the same tank? I’ve heard that a lot of them fight with each other.. but then I hear from other people that they do fine together. I need some help from my fellow fish keepers.

Tou Lee Thao Replied: From my experience is no. I used to keep bristle nose w regular pleco and the regular always end up killing the bristle nose. Not sure about other kind

Sebb Thomas Replied: some you can, I keep a collection of L066, L015, L288 and L018 together. One of the main problems is actually making sure they each get their needed amount of the best foods. They tend to eat on their own time at night.. so it makes it difficult to make sure they are eating.

Sebb Thomas Replied: I’m getting some L260 and L134 soon as well, I’ve had these together for a long time and never had a single problem, as long there are adequate caves/hiding spots and bogwood you should be fine

Josh Gutridge Replied: I have 7 different in one tank

Puag Yoj Mas Replied: You can, but you have to make sure they are the same size. Remember big fish would sometime pick on little fish

Sebb Thomas Replied: I wouldn’t ever mix a common with smaller L numbered plecs tbh

Wynn Huynh Replied: I have 5 different ones in one tank.

Norax Bettas Replied: thanks for the info, seems like there just has to be enough caves per pleco

Josh Gutridge Replied: Caves and avoid the commons unless you have a huge tank.

Simon Simmons Replied: I always did they’re territorial fish anyway but it never led to harm