Pleco has Cloudy Eyes? White Spot in Eyes?

Topic: Hi everyone, ive come home from work today, to notice that my common has a cloudy eye on one side. Any help in being able to treat this would be great. Thanks.

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Posted by Grant K: Cloudy eyes are caused by poor water conditions. Ph fluctuations, too low or to high are big factors. Try with a few daily water changes if it does not clear up after that add some esha 2000 but i would try the water changes first. 

Hi Everyone. I’m in need of some help. I just notice some of my plecos have cloudy eyes. What should I do and how do I treat them? Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

WC 10-15% last night, then all (really all) my big L600s suffer from some kind of cloudy eyes.

Even some of my L333 scavengers in the tank also kana cloudy eyes.

I use Seachem Safe powder to my WC water.

Water params are fine.

What could be the cause of the problem and what should I do quickly to minimize the damage?

I dose with Ammonia Lock just now to make sure there is not hidden source of ammonia. — feeling distress.

no one will know what went wrong, best to test the tank parameters to be sure.
Ya, and I have been careful to always do only 10-15% WC to prevent too much water params change.
Ph swing?
I thought so too but at 10-15% WC?

Done the same thing hundreds of time, don’t know why this time so devastating.

it’s dependent on your existing ph and the ph of your top up water. if the ph is vastly different, then there’s bound to be ph change.
it’s possible. it’s not just ph bro. large parameter change, ie ph, gh, kh.
Cloudy eyes. Please help to advise. Sorry no pictures. Thank u.
Anybody know to what have caused my plecos to die? They were about two years old and they died within two days of each other, my Oscar seems fine but I am worried that he might die too. Only signs on the plecos were cloudy eyes and the water was somewhat cold. This is a picture of them all alive about a week ago all in an 80 gallon tank.
What do you guys think about this 20 long? It houses 2 blue rams, 5 panda cory and a blue eye bristlenose pleco. Fyi filter is dirty and water is cloudy cause I just moved drift wood and planted grass.
That would make it look great 🙂

I’d be tempted to pop in some terracotta pots or slate caves too round the back to see if the rams breed. 

Ahhhh ya the plecos i dont think like the salt. So im an idiot for even suggesting it. Not sure why that diddnt click the first time. 

I was talking about aquarium salt, which is almost the same as table salt but table salt has a noncaking agent, no harm with that though. I would just dose a little less if you used table salt. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.

I turned on a canister filter that had been sitting full of water for a couple weeks and am afraid this is from bacteria. I need to treat the whole tank I think because I have 4 fish that are getting cloudy eyes. 
Definitely do a majjoorr water change asap and then id reccomend dosing the general cure and i wish you had a place to store the pleco so you could dose salt too but start with general cure and see if that helps after about 5 days.
Id do 90%change now, then dose general cure

Tomorrow id leave it and then Wednesday id do a 50% water change and give it a few days.

dose tonight and water change 50% thursday, if by friday or Saturday you arent seeing any results just comment back here and we will try to figure out a next step but if i had to bett, id bett itll be fine with time and some extra water changes, unless the damage was too extream when it happened