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You can contact our team at any point you want and we are going to reply back to within 1 to 2 business days. We take pride in actually getting back to people unlike a lot of webmasters out there that we look down on. We know exactly what it is like to not be able to get a hold of webmasters out there for any specific reason. It is very annoying and it frustrates us and that’s how we take pride in our contact return rate. Lower going to get some details on the guidelines of some reasons why you might possibly be trying to get a hold of us. The we can better assist to help answer before you have that question regarding these.

Guest Post or Write for Us

The website can have enough valuable content. You’re constantly fighting to get more content and if anybody wants to have it available and ready to post we are very willing. We literally have to pay riders on weekly basis and if somebody wants to write something for free and send it over to us we are going to post it. We only allow one in bedded link in your content and content has to be of a high-quality and a necessity for our community. We do turn down a lot of articles this that are not adequate and quality matters so make sure that you proofread and look over it numerous times.

Advertising Available

We do already host Google AdSense on the paper click platform but we also do have other advertising available. We don’t have any set pricing or any of that stuff you’re just gonna have to contact us are in a have to work it out like the old school methods. Just send us an email and state what you plan to pay and what type of guy we are going to be linking to or the banners and etc.

We are very against spam and very strict on Google’s guidelines with a lot of advertisement and search engines because a lot of are directed traffic is from them. Take pride in keeping spam out of our community so if you plan to do so in a matter just save your time and go elsewhere.