Best Food for my Pleco?

Topic: What is the best food for my pleco catfish? I’m new to keeping these catfish. I have them in a community tank with lots of other fish. It seems like when I give them food the other fish eat it all. What is the best food for them?


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Posted by Amanda H: Your pleco is actually nocturnal and that’s why your not seeing it eat with the other fish. When all the other fish are sleeping is when your pleco is going to come out and start feeding aggressively. You should get them some specific food for them. Like some algae wafers. Drop the food in right when the lights go off to ensure they are getting their amount they need. Here is a good brand of food that’s been around for ages.

Omega One Veggie Rounds, 4.2 Ounce Container
List Price: $9.29
Price: $9.29
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Some people swear by throwing some zucchini in the tank but I don’t really like that idea. You need to usually have a weight that you tie it down with because it wont sink. Then you have to fetch the weight when they are done with it… I would just rather toss some fish food in there and be done. Sinking shrimp pellets work great too! For the most part I rely on my pleco catfish to eat all the left over food that the other fish didn’t eat because thats SUPER important. Uneaten food in your gravel creates nitrates! Here are some of those shrimp pellets.

OMEGA One Shrimp Pellet 2.15oz
Price: $5.85
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best pleco foodPosted by Harley B: I agree with the idea of making them scavenge on the other fish food that is left over first! I will sort of starve my catfish for a couple days so that I know all the gravel has been skimmed over by them and “cleaned”.. then I give them some of the pellets when the lights get turned off. I used the sinking shrimp pellets too. Shrimp has a lot of protein in it so you know they are getting some good protein levels too. They are omnivores and that’s important to know.

  • Can you put a plecostomus in an aquarium with red belly piranha? I’ve heard that the piranha cant bite through the pleco armor. Is that true? On the other hand I also know that red bellies will attack the eyes of their prey. What do you think? Is the belly of a pleco armored?
  • I think they would be fine.. but that’s just me. Some of the toughest predators just leave catfish alone.. it’s a hit or miss. You just have to watch over them for the first couple days.
  • i have a 3.5 gallon tank. im just setting it up. im getting a betta, but wanted a pleco as well. I understand i will need to upgrade my tank eventually but my question is this: Is a 3.5 gallon tank too small for a catfish and a betta?
  • I have 5 sailfin pleco: 3 are 12″ and the other 2 are 6″. They have lived together in the same 100 gallon tank for the past 3 years with no serious signs of aggression. So long as there are more hiding places than plecos they get along fine.
  • Albinos are smaller than those catfish though…. cause I had an adult one but my friend has a HUGE aquarium and I thought you know what….. gave my catfish and now got a baby albino pleco and I’ve seen other albino pleco and they were smaller than original plecos.
  • I was wondering, can you put a catfish in with a red ear slider? I have a red ear slider and a gourami in a tank together, and I was wondering if a catfish would do alright with the two, its about 8 inches long and is pretty docile. I have already put them together and been monitoring them, but will they do alright in the long run? So far I’ve seen the pleco on the turtles shell, cause he has a little bit of algae growth on it. I think it was just cleaning the algae.

Posted by Natasha B: Hi again! So I’m planning on stocking my 55 gallon in the next few months with a couple of dojo loaches, and 2 fancy goldies! I am worried about algae though because my water contains a lot of phosphates, is it possible to keep a bristlenose pleco with them or would the water be too cold? I’m not going to get a heater as I’ve been told goldfish are coldwater, as with the loaches.

  • Loaches and plecos are not recommended tank makes for goldfish 🙂 I’d say don’t get either and just use some good ole elbow grease for that algea.
  • As far as algae goes, it’s a tasty snack for goldies or can be wiped away – good maintenance and limited lighting periods can help, but at the “worst”, you’re providing a fantastic source of protein for your fatties.
  • Bristlenose plecs and most other plecs and loaches are in fact tropical fish. They do better at temps 25c so in answer to your question No Hun .
  • Dojo loaches need 18-24c water – they’re a cooler water species – however, still incompatible
  • My apologies I missed the Dojo bit 😀 But goldfish should be kept with goldfish.
  • I have an albino bristle nose, that was once came to the 1st knuckle on my thumb. I have been on vacation for 3 weeks but when I left he was the size of my thumb. I have no problem keeping him in my goldies tank.
  • I would recommend that you NEVER use Chinese Algae eaters as well. They do great a youngsters but when they grow, and the do get big, they become nasty and will suck the slime and holes in your fish. The Fancies, fantails , bubble eye’s etc are particularly vulnerable to them. And never never put channel cats in your goldie tanks. They will and I have seen a whole tank with goldfish and no eyes. They suck them out.
  • I have an angel plec in my goldie tank aka hill stream loach as they also temperate he does fine.
  • A lot of people do tend to keep algea eaters with goldies, but there is quite the risk involved! If you don’t feed your algea eaters properly (Mainly plecos) They WILL suck the slime coat off of your goldies, which isnt good at all!
  • This^ and unfortunately, even when well/properly fed. It’s ALWAYS a risk – you just have to decide if it’s one you want to take.