Pleco Lifespan or Life Expectancy?

Topic: I have a pleco fish and he is around 5 years old. I’m afraid he is starting to loose energy and might die of old maybe..? How long do these pleco catfish live for? Is there anything I can do to make him have a better life to live longer? Thanks for help.


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Posted by Megan H: It’s not uncommon for these plecos to live for 10 or more years. They do start to get less active once they get a bit older.. but yours isn’t that old yet. I would make sure you are feeding the fish properly. A LOT OF PEOPLE screw this up. These fish are nocturnal so they come out at night. Right before your aquarium lights go off, throw in a high quality algae disc for them to feed on. Some of the lower quality foods are full of bad things. Here is a quality brand food

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When you put the food in right before the lights go off, this makes sure the other fish aren’t eating the algae discs because that commonly happens and the pleco starves to death. Hopefully this helps you out and good luck on your fish keeping.

pleco catfish lifespan

  • Does anyone else have an undying love for the original common pleco?? I know there are alot that are “pretty” but i just feel like the common pleco doesnt get much love anymore! Pics of my beautiful big boy/girl Common Pleco Monster  and bubbles.. (i cant figure out fish gendering for the life of me) he/she is a camera hog lol
  • Oh I LOVE my big boy!! He was one of my first my husband brought and we have watched him GROW! Now that has freaked my husband out lol. But we love Rocket Man!!
  • I do too. I swear one of my big ones has a personality and comes to see me when I walk into my fish room.
  • My plecos are my favorites too. I think they are beautiful even if big old Goliath knocks down the scenery sometimes.
  • Hi every one this is my common pleco named TiTanic he is the length if a ruler and planking and fotos and I have him for about 7 years
  • from what I have read with common plecos the males have a short stub(which mine does) and the females area is slightly indented.
  • People don’t like them because of their eventual size. They will need several hundred gallons once they are 2-3 feet long.
  • Looks like an Ancistrus (BN) pleco to me. Actually, she looks an awful lot like mine (I’ve had her in a 75 since 2008 and she’s only about 4-5 inches… definitely not a commonpleco!). The white tips on the tail give it away. Females don’t get the growths on their nose, but some spiky bits will flare out in the “cheeks” when they’re netted, so be careful not to get her tangled up in them (I’ve had to cut holes in a net to free mine).
  • Lmao it’s a chocolate bristlenose I just had one of my lfs clowns trying to tell my a black fin shark was a royal pleco
  • Help Please…I need to ID this pleco’s species…gonna rescue from a friend. I believe it’s a common pleco. (Yes, i know the tank in the pic is TOO small for it, part of the reason for the rescue, please don’t comment about the tank).
  • Definitely a common. I have a love hate relationship with commons, on one hand I love how cool they look but on the other hand I hate how they are constantly pooping and make a mess of the aquarium floor.