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My L134 Leopard Frog Pleco Info

Topic: Here is my L134 Leopard Frog Pleco. He is my personal favorite. (Image posted below)

Nate Yang: Beautiful! How big do they get?

Ka Ying Yang: From what I’ve seen and read, 4.5 inches should be the max! Perfect size if you ask me!

Jeff Curtis Jr: I’ve got a buddy that has a wild proven breeding group of them n currently I’m growing out 6 juvies

Ka Ying Yang: Jeff, how many does he have in his breeding group? And what’s the male to female ratio? J/w cause I’m always collecting information about these guys.

L134 Pleco

Jeff Curtis Jr: Think it’s two pairs they are around 5 years old or so

Matt Mitchell: Yep and just like rabbits. funny thing is guy I got them from had them for 5 years with no luck. They eat food like crazy too.

Ka Ying Yang: I’ve heard plenty of stories from people with varying luck. Some like you said are like rabbits, others just never get going!

Matt Mitchell: me too. Like the guy who I got them from. 5 years is a long time to wait for a spawn. I had them for 6 months, and fry. Funny how plecos can be so odd.

Ka Ying Yang: You’re obviously doing something right! Hope you come across several more batches!

Matt Mitchell: The alpha male is sitting on eggs about every 3 weeks now.

Matt Mitchell: take the fry and a week later more eggs. I would estimate around 100-120 fry growing out. And they appear to be extremely resilient. No fry deaths that I have seen yet.

Ka Ying Yang: Seriously? Wow!

Ka Ying Yang: Here goes another one guarding his cave closely.

leapord frog pleco

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Alee Yang Posted:
Greenwater Aquarist Society’s fourth Annual Swap will be held March 23th 2014. The swap will run from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm, doors will open at 8:00 am for vendor set up. Buyers will be allowed in at 10:00 am.

Entry fee is $3.00 for an individual or $5.00 for a family. The swap will be held at Alsip Park District’s Apollo Park facility, 12521 Kostner Ave, Alsip Il, 60803

Puag Yoj Mas: Is there a list of stuff that will be available? ??

Ianx Xiong: thats the same day as milwaukee fish auction bro

Alee Yang: thats fine..Ill miss an auction for a swap anyday

Ianx Xiong: lol yup

Petey Bland: Where is the Milwaukee fish auction going 2 be at?

Ianx Xiong: New Berlin

Petey Bland: Ok thanks