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Nutrition Facts You Should Understand

You should realize that these fish eat plants and they are algae eaters. When setting up your tank around this fish you need to realize that they may wreck some species of plants that are very delicate. Air commonly known to rip up plans and take out the routes from within the ground. Stick with plants that are super sturdy and durable that can withstand some force of the Pleco.

A good way to save a lot of your plants is to use some treats like zucchini and lettuce or just special tablets designed for them. You keep their appetite fulfilled it is less likely that they are going to tear apart your life plants just because they have something that is a lot easier and right in front of them. Are a lot of different vegetables that you will find that your fish walls. Zucchini is one of the most popular and you can check out this thread on giving them a treat of zucchini.