Privacy Policy

We do not host our actual formatted terms of service or also known as the privacy policy here on our page. Reason for doing so and so that search engines do not give us a penalty on duplicate content because it is the same format for every platform we have online. You desire a copy of his terms of service and need it mailed to you you can contact us regarding us and we will feel free to send you one. For going to go over some rough details on some things that we host Your Honor page and give you a good idea of what to expect as far as the policy on our community here.

Advertising and PPC

We do hold some advertising here and mainly paper click campaigns to help pay for a lot of the costs involved in hosting this platform. Most people don’t think about all of the costs involved with owning a website and having alive and running on a daily basis. It really helps that some Valley and we have to throw some profit toward some really good writers we can do so. If you’re uncomfortable with advertisements being posted you can contact us and have it set up to where your browser is not posting any of these ads.

Sign Up and Membership

We were originally on a forum-based platform but we have decided to back off of that. Found a lot of loopholes in the memberships and holding a lot of privacy information like passwords and credentials that we just didn’t want in our hands. We decided to switch over to the blog platform so that you can just openly submit any information you want and it goes to a moderation process. Really helps cut down on a lot of privacy issues that we were having and now it’s pretty much foolproof and nobody has any memberships or passwords being held.

You will notice that we do allow pretty much any visitor to be able to write valuable information that we can post here that’s valuable to our visitors. I’m people complain about this because the visitors sometimes allow to have one link embedded in your content and it’s kind of misleading is what the complaint we usually get is. For the valley that they bring to this community in the valuable information it’s almost stupid of us not to accept this type of thing. If you’re interested in writing any valuable information or just writing anything that’s good to our visitors that has a necessity or need to be read please send it over and will post it.