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Quietest “Silent” Filter for Aquarium?

Topic: NEED HELP: What’s the Quietest filter on the market for smaller tank setups?? Maybe 10 gallon tanks. The sound of it needs to be silent. For college kids that want to bring their fish to their dorm room!


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Megan V: I went through the same problem with needing a silent filter. I had really good luck with the Aquaclear filters. They are still very powerful but keep quiet. They may be a little more noisy when you first start them up but it takes a week or two for some algae and muck to grow on all the internals and then they HUSH right up. They are also a top rated filter on the market

  • I have a little sponge filter powered by a quiet little air pump. The only thing you can hear is the bubbles, but it’s not loud at all, and you never have to worry about fixing squeaks or it breaking
  • I have betta duo tanks so they are quiet anyway but I used a sponge filter in my others.
  • I have the aqueon tanks too…when the filters is new it makes a little bit of noise but by day 2 it’s almost silent.
  • Why HASN’T anyone said internal filters?? They are inside the water and almost impossible to hear them. When something is submerged under water it’s very tough to hear it. I would think any HOB filter would be able to be heard because the motor is running on all of them.
  • The motors grow bacteria on them after a couple of weeks and it really helps make the motor more quiet because it’s almost like a slim coat on all the internal components.
  • I have a 2.5 gallon that came with a filter that is pretty much silent. Not sure if that helps!
  • Sponge filters, but changing filters can be problematic because the new filter won’t be cycled, run them tandem for a while.
  • Have you never transferred over media or squeezed out media right at the intake of the new filter before? Instant cycle.
  • Yes but I don’t believe it to be safe enough, my opinion.
  • Why? Its not the filter that holds the bacteria, its the media. So when you move the media from one filter to the next, the cycle is instant. I have transferred all the contents of a 55g into a brand new 220g. Since the media wouldnt fit as they were incompatible filters, i just squeezed out the sponges right at the intake and then added all the fish. Zero issues and I tested every hour for two days.
  • My comment was meant for if he chose to switch to a sponge filter, but otherwise I agree with just transferred media.
  • Ah, that makes sense. Although, to beat a dead horse, you can squeeze out the media inside the tank anywhere and it will work the same. Your water will just be super cloudy with detritus for a few hours is the only drawback.
  • New to this site. Love all of the videos. I have a few questions please..I have a 29 gallon tank..had a aqueon quiet flow 55/75 that I just replaced as I was thinking maybe an IF would be better? I got the National Geo IF40. How long until it gets established? I did transfer some bio filter pellets into it and in the top layer I put 2 small bags of activated carbon. How should I angle the nozzle for outflow? Mid tank? Bottom? Pic and Vid attached. Thanks
  • Green Nuphar japonica…a local aquarium guy’s offering this plant for decent price…Anybody has any experience or views on them in community planted tank? They were looking so damn good in his tank…these are the pics i googled up. Had no camera phone with me back when i visited him. He has some other exotic gorgeous looking plants too…they were quiet expensive….Will visit him again with a camera & post the pics with names here. But i do wanna get this one…tips or suggestions?
  • …finally…my discus was doing good but had a light issue for couple of days now. my laziness got my discus…so, the lights were kind of off, the plants didn’t take in amonia-nitrates, had a bacteria grow, which got the discus..i can see one or two white patches on my discus…looking for a cure. so far, i think it’s Ich…will take pic as soon as i get my dad’s phone & post it here. I really love that fish, & it breaks me to see him all weak & hardly eating & just resting in the corner over the heater….

    Update after 9 hours :
    Umm, guys, i switched on my main lights of the room & discus started swimming around just fine. Couldn’t see any white patches. Switched back to the temporary low light on the tank &…i realised that i got tricked by the lights. Joey seems all good. it’s been over 4 days since the tank’s main lights got messed up. Have to run it on temporary low light i created for the box i keep my plants trimmings in, for now. i guess light does effect fishes. their colours are bit washed up. But when i added some more medium lights, the tank sprang back to healthy life. Discus’s swimming around, roaming around his usual spot in the front at the thermometer (Room’s pretty quiet & dark all the time, just me, sleeping in for the night & hanging around for a while in day time in between jobs)…the water change helped…So…Is it so? can lights effects behaviour of our fishes? i think so…was so upset all sunday because of this but got cheered up by this. Thank you a lot for jumping in with the solutions though. Will keep me ready to roll if i bump into those. Have a sweet & warm week ahead guys…Long live the discus.