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Image of a Rhino Pleco?

Topic: I’ve been searching all over for an image of a Rhino Pleco and can’t find one. I’m really dying to see how bad these things look like. Pleco cats are scary enough the way it is and there happens to be a species called the “Rhino” haha. I am so excited about this and someone really needs to help me out here. Know of any friends that may have one in their tank? I know this is rare but I know they have to be out there. Thanks for the help! Appreciate it.

Posted by Andrew G.
here is the image you have been searching for. I have a friend that knows a friend and I saw this in his tank and he gets lots of exotic fish that most of us would never get to touch but he gets them. This picture was hosted on www.cichlids.com weeks ago and remembered it was there.
rhino pleco

Reply from Author:
Oh my Gosh that thing is so awesome! I must say that I was expecting more of a scarier version of a pleco but that is pretty scary. Thanks for the share on my topic and glad you answered my question. My obsession is no onto something else.. maybe the scariest catfish I can get my hands on… maybe you have some ideas for me.