Will Plecos Eat Snails?

Vong X: No

Emily A: Sweet! Someone told me that if the pleco was big enough it would suck snails out of their shells.

Vong X: Lol!!!!!

Emily A: That’s kinda what I thought. I’m new to plecos though

Vong X: Sorry about laughing… I’ve not heard of plecos eating snails but if that person tells you the name. I’d like to buy a few since my tanks are infested with them.

Emily A: She said any big pleco would do it. I know ciclids can clear up a snail problem in a hurry but didn’t think a pleco would.

Emily A: I have big snails that I don’t want eaten though

Chris G: Clown loach are best for eating snails

Matt M: Just a personal experience for me, but my colony of L14’s actually cleaned all the snails out of their tank. Don’t know why, but I was always sucking a ton of empty shells out of there. Till they were non existent.

Matt T: My albino bristle nose ate my apple snails!

Dean R: Common places are known to turn omnivorous if they run out of there food.

Christopher W: So here Emily is getting laughed at for a good question, and it turns out the person laughing IS WRONG. My mom always taught me to keep my mouth shut if I didn’t have anything nice to say like “laughing out loud aka LOL!!!” The know it all is wrong I guess in this instance. Quite funny how it all works out in the end.

I think the key here to keep the plecos from getting hungry enough to want to eat the snails. I have seen plecos do some wicked stuff to fish when they aren’t getting enough food. These catifsh eat a lot more food then what we would ever think too. I’m afraid to keep my plecos belly full because he almost a foot long and I feat how large he might actually get and what tank I will have to upgrade to.. I already have him in a 55 gallon and it seems to be getting too large very fast.

Mario: Depeding on what l number you have there are 3 different types so trying to breed these you need to make sure that you have the correct species and also im pretty sure noones bred them in captivity yet good luck.

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Topic: Looking for a Long fin blue eyed yellow pleco. I think they’re commonly called Lemondrops? Anybody have one for sale and willing to ship?

Jessica G: They’re called Leucistic bristlenose plecos, I found out finally. (Makes complete sense) Found someone who has a few left, so will hopefully be getting one come the end of march.

Jeff C: if you don’t mind me asking do you know if they have any left n price n location

Christopher W: Can’t say I have ever heard of those.. but it would be cool to see a picture and actually visualize what this fish is none of us have ever seen. I really like learning about new species of catfish I have no idea that exist.